Faith is as big as life.  Faith covers it all.  Inside.  Outside.  Private.  Public.  Personal.  Global. Small.  Huge.  The mind.  The heart.  We are fascinated with Jesus:  his compassion, his look-you-in-the-eye attitude, his courage, his divinity, and his grasp of reality.  We follow him as he balances the bigness and the intricacies of life.  We figure there is no one more capable to teach us how to live life, how to be human.

Here at First Presbyterian Church we worship a very personal God who rules over the hugeness of the universe.  We worship traditionally with organ and choir, and we worship with a praise band and singers.  We walk with the folks of Haiti and we come alongside those that walk the sidewalks of Babylon Village.  We mix it up with all sorts of people.

We love kids, seniors, and those in between.  We engage life at all stages.  We get into the Bible and into each other’s lives.  We are concerned about justice, grief, relationships, hunger and an eternal life that begins in this life.  Openly we admit life -- even a spiritual life -- can be very messy. 

We don’t have all the remedies and answers.  But we have some pretty solid hope in God.

We are right on Main Street in Babylon.  We would love to welcome you -- personally and as big as life.

With best regards,

Pastor Paul Gaug