I once had a beautiful, nice music teacher named Miss Roever. I loved her. She invited me to come sing with the children’s choir at her church, FPC Babylon. From then on I was hooked. I sang in the choir and when I got older I went to youth group. I felt very welcome there and made some friends who have lasted a lifetime. I remember going to the morning service and the Sunday evening service which was more geared toward teens. It was then that accepted Jesus as my Savior. I remember going to Hi-Y-Bi camp in the summer and having a great time there at Frost Valley.  I went to confirmation classes but my father, who was Catholic, would not let me join the church. This made me very sad especially when I took into account the fact my father never went to church!

Somewhere in my early twenties I left the church, I’m not sure why. I went to a Baptist church for awhile and then at a time I cannot recall, I returned to FPC. I joined the adult choir and have been here ever since.  I have always felt very welcome and a sense of family here. I enjoy singing in the choir although my voice is not what it was years ago when I first joined.

It was at this church that I met my husband Phil. His niece sang in the choir and said to me one day, “I think you would like my uncle.” She invited him to come to church and we met very awkwardly in front of his brother and his sister-in-law. I was also in the bell choir at that time and we had played bells so I made the excuse that I had to put the bells away and Phil offered to help. Then he gave me his phone number and the rest is a lovely history.

This church has helped me through some very bad times with severe depression and anxiety. People have prayed for me and my family, have welcomed our two adopted children with open arms, have sorrowed with us and rejoiced with us. This church is part of our family and we hope to see that continue as our children grow into adulthood.